G-PEM Engineers, Inc.
营业执照: 所属行业: 石油/化工/日化
所在地区: 公司性质:
成立日期: 注册资金: 万人民币
员工人数: 100 - 499人    
公司简介: G-PEM Engineers, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm specialized in the petrochemical and refining industries. As a mid-sized company based in Seoul, Korea, we are uniquely poised to provide fast and efficient services in this highly competitive environment. Established in 1998, we have rapidly grown to meet the needs of refiners, EPC contractors and process licensing companies within Asia and North America and beyond. Our services include design engineering, procurement, and project management and construction site supervision. The engineers and specialists at G-PEM have been working in the refining and petrochemical industry for many years and our G-PEM includes all disciplines of process, mechanical, piping, civil & structural and electrical & instrumentation. The size of our company promotes a highly efficient and cross-functional team atmosphere, which translates into an ability to meet fast-track schedules on even the most intricate projects. In addition, G-PEM has developed in-house software that greatly decreases the time needed to prove complicated design calculations and directly integrates structural analysis into our detailed design. Coupled with 3D CAD plant design software as well as traditional 2D CAD drafting, we can bring your projects to completion in less time and with greater accuracy. In fact, our major clients have come back to us for repeat projects based on our proven record. Using modular fabrication techniques, G-PEM has also provided fully constructed process units by partnering with local fabricators. Our experience in this area allows us to offer alternative design and construction techniques to meet your project needs. As you browse through our brochure, you will find that G-PEM has the capability and competitive edge that puts us out in front. Consider G-PEM for your next project. We are sure we will exceed your expectations.
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